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Mikheil Saakashvili: Ukraine's presidential... Ukraine's presidential election should send a clear message to every politician: the global revolt against the establishment is not over.

Sri Lanka Easter bombings spurs call to ban... The Easter Sunday attacks on churches, hotels and other sites across Sri Lanka that killed over 300 people has now spurred some lawmakers to call for a full burqa ban.

Confusion clouds Biden’s 2020 campaign launch When, where and how Joe Biden announces his long-awaited 2020 presidential bid appears to be up in the air – still.

Mom's 'avocado hand' mishap results in severed... A Florida woman who sliced through a nerve and severed an artery in her hand while trying to cut an avocado said she still has numbness in her ring finger nearly one year after the accident.

Lee Edwards: THESE are the most telling... Some conservatives may be discouraged by the latest surveys confirming that nearly one half of millennials are receptive to living under socialism and regard capitalism as a captive of greed. In fact, they present us with a golden opportunity to educate all Americans about the manifold failures of socialism and the miraculous advances the world has made under free enterprise.

Woman arrested under anti-terror laws over... A woman has been arrested under the Terrorism Act for the murder of journalist Lyra McKee in Northern Ireland as the paramilitary group responsible for the attack issued a statement apologizing for the slaying.

Cal Thomas: Democrats remain undeterred in... Objectivity, like Elvis, long ago left the building in Washington and so the report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller is being read and interpreted through mostly biased eyes.

Majority of Americans think climate change will... Three in four Americans think climate change will eventually result in the extinction of humanity, according to new research.

Ronda Rousey speaks out on uncertain WWE... Ronda Rousey reiterated that she's taking time off from the WWE to try to have a baby — and that she's still recovering from a pinkie injury she suffered at WrestleMania 35.

'Cheeky' gorillas pose for stunning selfie with... Two ‘cheeky’ orphaned gorillas have posed for an incredible selfie with rangers at a national park in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Articles last updated at Apr 23, 2019 08:41:44am.
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