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Paddle Tennis Forum

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December 1, 2011 20:28:18
Join date: Jul 23, 2011
Ode To The Venice Beach Paddle Tennis Courts

Think about it!
These paddle tennis courts
The scope of modern history.

Here, the penniless
Contest with multimillionaires
And, often, win.

Here the obscene shouts
Reflect immense geography.
French, Spanish, Portuguese,
Mandarin, German, Thai,
Korean, Yiddish, even Romanian
And, of course, English
From time to time.

Here, octogenarians,
Unwilling to recognize
The toll of years,
Insist on their pathetic
Limping lunges,
As if the end of play
Were equal to
The end of life.

Here, the shtarkes
(“Strong ones,”
For those without the language)
Reveal their mythic speed,
Skill, power, guile
In every weekend tournament.

Here, passionate disputes,
(Enflaming armies
Across the whole unsettled Earth),
Erupt--the trigger?
Bad line calls.

And here, sets end
With that affectionate
Slap of hands
“Good set!
Thanks for the game.”

Marvin Klotz (11/23/11)

August 16, 2011 18:04:57
Join date: Jul 23, 2011
Paddle Tennis Community

Welcome to our new Paddle Tennis Community Forum. We love our Paddle Tennis at and hope you enjoy viewing the live HD action on the courts. Feel free to leave a comment or start a discussion.

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