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writes, "Players in the Sun Takes Intimate Look at Fascinating Life of Buskers"
From a busker who passed the hat enough times to send his daughter to Johns Hopkins University, to Gold Guy, Metal Ball Man, a skateboarding bulldog, and Perry Hernandez, the Prime Minister of Limbo Island, the lives of street performers on Venice Beach will be featured in the preview of a new international documentary series premiering June on the VeniceBeachLiveCam.TV live HD webcam site.

Players in the Sun, produced by Los Angeles-based Michael Nallin and Martin Fisher and currently seeking financing and distribution worldwide, explores the eclectic and eccentric world of street performers, starting with Venice Beach.

The first episode, which marks the second reality series in active development at RubyCraft Entertainment, will run in HD on the new web-based live cam founded by TV personality and health/fitness celebrity Barry "Cutty" Cutler.

“Street Performers, Buskers, Traveling Musicians, Minstrels, Troubadours, Circle Acts, sidewalk performers, Subway Theater, Bards, call them what you will. This new webcam feature honors those who make Venice Beach such a unique destination for visitors from around the world,” said Cutler, C0-Founder of VeniceBeachLiveCam.TV.

Director/creator Michael Nallin came up with the idea while shooting a television pilot at Venice Beach. “I thought these extremely talented performers would make a great subject for a show and after doing some research I discovered there wasn’t much film or TV about them.”

Adds producer/co-creator Martin Fisher, “If ‘Buskers’ had a Mecca, it would be Venice Beach.” Tourists and locals have been drawn to Venice Beach’s legendary ‘Players in the Sun’ since developer Abbot Kinney created the community a century ago out of marshland. For decades this eclectic group has worked daily to ensure Venice remains a true symbol of freedom and expression.

“With the help of the website we’ll shine some light on this fascinating, grassroots sector of the entertainment business,” Fisher said.

To view the documentary, visit For more information on Players in the Sun including the documentary trailer, log onto

RubyCraft Entertainment, located in Malibu can be reached at: 310 871 6121,


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