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PLAYERS IN THE SUN The Search for the World’s Greatest Street Performers
A Documentary Series
Created by
Michael Nallin & Martin Fisher

Right now a handicapped artist is painting with his feet in Lisbon, while an acrobat is busy doing headstands on broken shards of glass in Barcelona. Snake charmers are performing on the streets of New Delhi, fire-blowers are belching smoke in Istanbul, and the hurdy-gurdy man is cranking out the tunes in Vienna.
Street Performers, Buskers, Traveling Musicians,
Minstrels, Troubadours, Circle Acts,
sidewalk performers, Subway Theater, Bards....

PLAYERS IN THE SUN brings you to the most unique “stages” in the world in search of the most eclectic, eccentric and exciting artists under the sun.

Who are they?
Where do they come from?
How did they develop their act?
Why do they stay?

PLAYERS IN THE SUN takes you “off the streets” and behind the “pitch,” for an intimate look at the mindset and lifestyle of artists who are an integral part of every urban landscape… artists who have passed-the-hat since the dawn of time.

Each episode of PLAYERS IN THE SUN will visit a unique location and introduce you to the most imaginative and highly skilled artists you have ever met. From acrobats, balloon twisters, glass walkers and clowns—to comedians, contorts, jugglers, tumblers and living statues.


Venice Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the world, and the second largest tourist attraction in Southern California. This would not be true without the efforts of the legendary Boardwalk Performers. If “Baskers” had a Mecca, it would be Venice Beach. Tourists and locals have been drawn to Venice Beach’s legendary “Players in the Sun” since developer Abbot Kinney created the community a century ago out of a degraded marshland. For decades this eclectic group has worked daily to ensure Venice remains a true symbol of freedom and expression.

and support our efforts to capture the
magic, mayhem and mystique,

Michael Nallin

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